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An application of intelligent Customer Relationship Management (iCRM)

So, what can HAF Technology Solutions do to help your company realize its future-state objectives? The first step involves assembling a highly skilled team that can drive a consultative approach critical to understanding the full scope of functional and technical requirements. This team must consist of key players from within your organization as well as external resources that best represent the requisite decision makers and skill-sets necessary for success. HAF can facilitate building an external team that will effectively create and manage the implementation in close concert with your internal team.

But with all that said, the “secret sauce” that defines iCRM is HAF’s commitment to delivering real value. Our approach to your success is not measured by the amount of code we deliver or how many processes or profiles we define. Ultimately the only value that matters is the quantitative impact on your company or organization. What does all that mean? Enterprise value is complex and often times difficult to achieve in a linear fashion. Examine the bullet-points below to get an idea about how HAF’s iCRM approaches this challenge.

Key Business Benefits

Not enough can be said about the importance of the return of investment metric. An iCRM implementation presents a business solution in multiple dimensions. Although HAF is committed to building measurable value from discovery, through deployment and beyond, you may be asking how does your investment in a sales force automation solution translate into an ROI? 

For its part, Salesforce has continued to lead the field in all CRM categories as evidenced by their position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. The Salesforce platform has continued to deliver impressive ROI results with a continuously expanding product offering.


So, if you build it, will new business come to you? As of 2024, there are approximately 150,000 Salesforce customers world-wide. Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform and along with HAF + iCRM we are all committed to your success! This transformative strategy might not be a field of dreams, but it does make solid business sense.


Let's take a look at some numbers

Using data and Salesforce Einstein (AI) Heathrow airport increased digital revenue by 30%.

With Salesforce to drive data-powered sales, Bayer achieved a 400% increase in touch-points per doctor per month.

By connecting sales and service data with Salesforce, Formula 1 created an 88% fan satisfaction rating.

So now you might be saying, good for them, what about my company? There's no denying the success that many Salesforce customers have achieved in many dimensions of business. HAF iCRM leverages this success with a robust CRM platform working in tandem with our comprehensive implementation strategies. The best elements of a Salesforce + HAF Technology Solutions consultative offering is driven by your requirements, business objectives and challenges, not solely by the tools used.

There are a lot of factors that influence success with sales. As mentioned previously, process improvement is an important, if not the most important factor driving sales. Selecting the right sales tools can go a long way toward implementing a new or improved process.

HAF will engage iCRM methods to implement and measure critical metrics in collaboration with sales operations and sales management, since the two disciplines are very closely linked. One of the first tasks is to define and apply Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to the sales process. Like many sales related processes, KPIs are best driven in iterations. The following are two of the KPI categories that are most commonly used:

Once KPIs have been defined and incorporated into the sales process, Salesforce's Sales Engagement can be activated to provide measured cadences for effectively engaging customers. Sales Engagement and HAF's iCRM can help your sales teams move through the process with relevant information at the right time in the cycle. This tool will assist new reps with limited experience seek an optimum path to closing business as well as provide your more seasoned team members with targeted information to reduce sales cycle duration. Intelligent Customer Relationship Management can then create automated actions to help reduce time-consuming manual tasks while building robust reporting to track and measure your success metrics.

iCRM Solution

  • Any approach to sales or sales operational success has to be an iterative process.
  • Assess the process, analyze success metrics and fill and gaps - wash, rinse, repeat....

Wikipedia defines Active Listening as "the practice of preparing to listen, observing what verbal and non-verbal messages are being sent, and then providing appropriate feedback for the sake of showing attentiveness to the message being presented." This definition is probably the best way to describe what it means to engage a customer, because listening is key to understanding what your clients want, need or desire. What happens next is a sequence of comprehension, retention and response. 

Customer service is an omnichannel business strategy, and as pointed out in Wikipedia's definition of Active Listening, ultimately your response to your customer reflects your take on that input. Communication is therefore key to relevant next steps derived from listening - in fact its more like multiple lines of communication.

Once your requirements have been defined by carefully listening to your customer service needs, iCRM will help you create effective lines of communication to respond to service objectives and challenges. These same tenets of listening and communication have helped HAF & Salesforce identify major areas of customer expectations. As part of your iCRM implementation, HAF will build processes to ensure your service and case management efforts provide the levels of excellence you require.

For those companies that rely on Field Service, there are a number of solutions that iCRM can put in place to provide the following:

  • Field service mapping & location analysis
  • Call center optimization

Best use of data

iCRM Solution

  • Review unstructured data
  • Enforce customer data protection

The ways that customers view the changing dynamic of their buying experience is vital to your company's marketing strategy. This constantly evolving environment has proven to be a significant challenge for many HAF customers. There certainly has to be a tactical solution that at the very least provides a baseline for your marketing approach - otherwise the strategic view is not sustainable.

  • Rising costs and shifting priorities have customers rethinking their relationships with brands.
  • Build an enhanced company image
  • 62% of consumers have recently reassessed their priorities.
  • 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.
  • What about the impact of personalization?
  • Personalization is driving customer loyalty, but favorite brands still have an edge of all others.
  • Control of your data is the primary driver for marketing enhancement.

Given the fluid nature of marketing trends and customer demands with respect to both product/service costs and their expectations around the use of their data, HAF's iCRM solutions are increasing recommending a data engine powered by generative AI as the best tactical and long-term strategy to address these concerns.

iCRM Solution

  • Specify standards of lead generation
  • Define performance metrics to measure campaign effectiveness
  • Customizable Campaign Influence
  • Create Campaign Hierarchies

In this simple example, the top of the flow represents strategic initiatives (product sales and branding), the product launch in the middle, and the bottom shows the campaigns.

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce service management costs
  • Monetize refined data management
  • Measured reduction or reassignment of resource overhead

Key Technical Benefits

Alignment is critical when designing a new process, and in fact is key to simplifying that design. One of the first considerations is to create both top-down as well as bottom-up support for any proposed design strategy.

  • Acceptance
  • Unit
  • Regression
  • Beta
  • API
  • Sanity
  • Security

  • Onboarding
  • Adoption
  • Empowerment
  • Measuring progress toward goals
  • Prioritize goals
  • Modify tabs and field names to align with your company’s conventions and processes
  • Push and Pull help guidance
  • Embed videos with Einstein Analytics

Technical debt can be an unfortunate by-product of complex development or process modifications. It can create inefficiencies with operations at many levels, potentially impacting performance and functionality. HAF's iCRM will incorporate safeguards to reduce or eliminate associated risk.

Changes in business process can lead to technical conflicts within a CRM application. As part of iCRM methodology, HAF will document modifications or changes in settings that may lead to technical debt or loss of data. This document is easily accessible as a sequential (date defined) reference to track updates that impact complex updates. In addition, setting up Audit History can provide additional tracking information as well.

Below is an example* of how certain ongoing operations in Salesforce can impact Opportunity Splits and what steps need to be taken to avoid activation failure:

"Check for mass operations in progress, and make sure that all mass operations are finished. While splits are being enabled, a script temporarily disables validation rules, Apex triggers, and workflows for opportunity team records; mass reassignment of opportunity team members; and mass transfer of accounts and opportunities. If you enable opportunity splits while you’re running a mass operation, such as Mass Transfer or Mass Reassign Team Member, enablement of splits can fail."

*Available in Salesforce Help