Salesforce security begins with Trust: “A Salesforce term for its company-wide commitment to building and delivering the most secure, fast, and reliable cloud-based service available. is a systems status website that provides Salesforce customers and the community access to real-time and historical system performance information and updates. It also lists incident reports and maintenance schedules across all its key system components. is free to all members of the Salesforce community”.

Closer to home, HAF will incorporate fundamental security settings at your Salesforce org level to create a baseline for user access and sharing. Drilling down, we will work with your company to review current-state security and make recommendations that align with future-state objectives and project requirements. The suggested security model from both Salesforce and HAF iCRM is based on applying the Principle of Least Privilege, a basic tenet that supports providing only enough access to a user required to do their job.

Here are some fundamental security considerations for the development of your data access model:

  • Organization-Wide Defaults
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Sharing Rules
  • Login hours and IP ranges restrictions
  • Profiles
  • Customize or clone a profile
  • Permission Sets
  • Public Groups
  • Account & Opportunity Teams

Controlling User Access in Salesforce