Welcome to HAF Technology Solutions

HAF is your go-to source for intelligent Customer Relationship Management or iCRM implementation services. We have incorporated our close partnership with Salesforce to empower our customers with the most advanced, effective and profitable application of the Salesforce platform.

Decades of experience have enabled HAF to leverage a deep understanding of our customers’ needs along with the best methodologies to transform those needs into measurable value. We create quantitative benefits by helping your company craft actionable and scalable enterprise-wide iCRM strategies. HAF Technology Solutions has an extensive background in sales, marketing, customer service/case management, operations, and analytics/data management working in concert with the requisite tools to discover and effectively act upon your most critical iCRM priorities. In addition to the certified skills HAF provides, our partners also bring comprehensive tools to transform your business challenges into more effective business solutions.

Together we can develop and deliver the strategies that will lead to your success. HAF will work with you remotely or onsite, at the location(s) of your choice. Most importantly, we will deliver value and the required functionality with fewer resources and within a shorter duration than most of our competitors. Whatever your business and technology needs, HAF has all the bases covered so you can focus on what you do best.

So, what are your best options? If your company is like many others that have been tasked with piecing together a variety of disconnected skills, software elements, methodologies, sales/marketing strategies, support solutions and technical architecture from many sources, HAF is your best path to what we call intelligent Customer Relationship Management (iCRM). HAF employs an iCRM methodology that focuses first and foremost on achieving all of your business/technical objectives.

What is intelligent Customer Relationship Management (iCRM)? Click here to learn more.

HAF Technology Solutions takes a unique approach to addressing the challenges that companies often face as they strive to optimize sales, service, marketing and analytics with a CRM solution. Our team will formulate a comprehensive strategy to fully integrate iCRM into your enterprise, and at the same time successfully implement all defined requirements. HAF will then gather all the disparate elements necessary to build and deliver a complete solution. With this methodology in place and incorporating decades of sales, service and technical expertise, HAF will deliver a complete, comprehensive go to market strategy.